How to use this form

This form can be used by any member of staff to submit a disclosure about an incident(s) of bullying, harassment, discrimination, domestic violence or abuse. Information about the different types of incident you can disclose can be found on our staff disclosure pages.  Harassment Disclosure Response Adviser can provide further guidance and support around your options. Click here for infomration on how to contact an Advisor.

Human Resources staff will use the data you provide to help us understand what kind of incidents are taking place in our university community and to support us to effectively target wider actions for addressing harassment, bullying, abuse and victimisation. 

  • There are two ways you can disclose an incident: anonymously, or with your name.
  • You can make a disclosure about an incident(s) that happened to you or an incident you have witnessed.
  • Members of staff can make a disclosure on behalf of a student with their knowledge via the Student Disclosure Tool
  • Please note: Making a disclosure will not produce a formal report or initiate any formal University procedure and you will not be contacted as a result of making this disclosure. If you would like to make a formal complaint please refer to the Bullying, Harassment & Victiminsation Policy and Procedure for information on how to do this.   
  • If you are disclosing an incident that has happened to you, you are strongly encouraged to contact an Harassment Disclosure Response Adviser who will be able to take you through your options for formal reporting so that you can make an informed decision. Any information you provide here will be kept confidential. Your information will only be used by the Human Resources team in exceptional circumstances - for example, if we are concerned for your or somone else's safety or welfare. See the next page of the form for further information about Confidentiality and Data Protection.


This online disclosure form is not an emergency response service. If you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if emergency assistance is required, and you are in the UK: CALL 999.

If you are on university premises, you should also call the university emergency number 01273 642222 to inform site staff.

See the university's Emergency Contacts page for further information.