Page 1: Introduction

This 5-minute survey is part of the GREEN-ICU research project which is exploring ways to reduce the carbon footprint of intensive care as a speciality and improve environmental sustainability.

The purpose of the survey is to find out what people working in intensive care think about environmental sustainability issues in intensive care practice.  The survey is also for anyone connected to intensive care through education, research, procurement (ordering supplies), cleaning, waste management or sustainability roles.

The anonymised results will be published in a journal article and a conference presentation.  The conclusions and recommendations based on the survey results will also inform further phases of the GREEN-ICU research project.


Please email Dr Heather Baid if you have any further questions about this survey.  

Complaints about the conduct of this research can be directed to Prof Nigel Sheriff, Associate Dean for Research and Enterprise, School of Health Sciences, University of Brighton

1.1. I consent to participate in this survey. Required
2.2. I agree that I work in an intensive care unit, or I am linked to intensive care practice in some way such as in an education, research, procurement, cleaning, waste management or sustainability role Required