Online Tool: Disclosing Violence and Abuse

Please be assured that the Disclosure Response Team is still operating. We are here to support University of Brighton students who have experienced an incident(s) of violence and abuse, wherever in the UK or the world they are now located. Whilst we have suspended face-to-face appointments, we continue to provide support via telephone and video appointments (using Microsoft Teams) and email so please do contact us by completing the online form below. 

The following form can be used to submit an Anonymous or Identified Disclosure about an incident of violence and abuse such as sexual violence, harassment, hate-crime and/or relationship abuse. You can make a disclosure about an incident that happened to you, or on behalf of someone else.

If you make an Identified Disclosure, a member of the Disclosure Response Team will contact the student affected and offer support. Our trained Disclosure Response Advisors are based in the Student Wellbeing Team and are here to:

  • Provide practical support
  • Signpost to specialist services
  • Explain options for reporting and complaints procedures
  • Support students with managing their safety

Please note:

  • EMERGENCIES: This online disclosure form is not an emergency response service. If you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if emergency assistance is required, and you are in the UK: CALL 999.

    If you are on university premises, you should also call the university emergency number 01273 642222 to inform site staff.

  • If you have experienced an incident of sexual violence, the university has developed an information sheet which outlines your options for specialist support. It also includes information about what you can do if the incident happened within the last 72 hours, including how to preserve forensic evidence and time limits you need to be aware of.

  • This form should only be used to record incidents that have happened to University of Brighton students.

  • By completing the form, you are not making a formal complaint to the university authorities. Where an Identified Disclosure has been made, a member of the Disclosure Response Team will take the student through their options for reporting or making a formal complaint.

  • An Identified Disclosure will be kept confidential within the Student Wellbeing Team. A student's information will only be disclosed outside the team in exceptional circumstances and ideally with consent from the student. For further information about confidentiality and data protection, see the next page of the form.

Key specialist support services in the UK:

Rape Crisis UK

National telephone helpline and live chat helpline for women and girls who have experienced any form of sexual violence, no matter how long ago. 

  • Telephone helpline: Freephone 0808 802 9999 (Daily, 12pm-2.30pm and 7pm-9.30pm).
  • Live chat helpline for women and girls aged 16 and over: (see website for opening times).
  • Specialist support and services at local centres across the country (see website to find your local centre). Covid-19 Update: please note that local Rape Crisis Centres are each implementing their own measures to navigate the current situation. In many cases, this will mean face-to-face services increasingly being offered over the phone or online. Please see your local centre’s webpage for further information.


National helpline and online support service for men and boys in England and Wales who have experienced sexual violence. 

  • Telephone helpline: 0800 800 5005 (Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 9am-5pm, Tuesday & Thursday, 8am-8pm, & Saturday, 10am-2pm)
  • Online support: email, text and social media. See website for further information. Please note that the online support service is not a crisis service.

Refuge - 24/7National Domestic Abuse Helpline

National support service for women, children and men experiencing domestic violence. 

  • Telephone helpline: Freephone 24/7 National Domestic Abuse Helpline 0808 2000 247.
  • Online support: Covid-19 Update - While it might not be safe for a woman to call the Helpline with the perpetrator still in the home, the Helpline also has an online contact form, with additional support resources available for survivors, friends and family. Women can request a safe time to be called. 

Men’s Advice Line 

National organisation providing advice and support for heterosexual, gay, bisexual and trans men experiencing domestic violence and abuse. 

  • Telephone helpline: Freephone 0808 801 0327 (Mon & Wed, 9am – 8pm, Tues, Thurs & Fri, 9am - 5pm)
  • Webchat: for men experiencing domestic violence and abuse (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 10 – 11am, and 3 – 4pm)

National Stalking Helpline

National organisation providing information and guidance to anybody in the UK who is currently or has previously been affected by harassment or stalking. 

True Vision 

National organisation that provides information about hate crime or incidents and advice on how to report it. 

Further information about support options available for students that have been affected by violence and abuse can be found at the end of this form.