Page 1: Reporting an accessiblity issue

Use this form to report problems you have accessing online content on University of Brighton services.For example documents or recordings in formats that are not accessible to you.

If you have problems accessing, or connecting to the services, you should contact our Service Desk by email to, or by telephone to 01273 644444.

You can complete this form anonymously, but if you want us to contact you, please supply your email address below.

To copy the address of a web page or online document, first select the address:

If you are using a keyboard, try clicking once in the address bar to highlight the address

if this doesn't work, try triple-clicking, or dragging across the address.

On a mobile device you can hold your finger down on the address until you see an option to copy.

screenshot of website address bar, showing URL highlighted and ready to copy


4.4. Request alternative format If you would like this information supplied in an alternative format, please supply your email address below.

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